NOKUPHILA: THE HEALING TREE

At the Ubuntu Wellness Centre we are blessed with the presence of an ancient and venerable wild-fig tree. Her Xhosa name is Unabantu Nokuphila, meaning ‘Where people gather at the Mother of Health’.

Rooted in the Ubuntu Wellness Centre, her presence transforms the courtyard into a sacred sanctuary with a dynamic living atmosphere. Nokuphila is the 7th sacred landmark of Cape Town acknowledged by Sacred Sites of South Africa. Our CBD oil blend is infused with the rejuvenating properties of Nokuphila’s aerial roots, seeds, branches and fruit. As eco-stewards we respect her integrity and share in her offerings.

By introducing Mother Tree extract into our CBD blend we are respecting the ethno-botanical legacy of our African forefathers. The Wild–fig is scientifically recognized as having powerful  anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Our Ubuntu Healing Tree nurtures and inspires all who visit the Medi-Spa and pause beneath her shade.