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Our Promise to You

The brand icon of the Ubuntu Wellness Centre brand is a crystallised drop of water crystallised through the frequency of Ubuntu (wellness through unity), developed and gifted by Dr. Emoto, ‘The Water Messenger’.

Our logo is your guarantee that the ingredients in this product are ethically sourced and authentic, and that we strive to deliver exceptional quality from seed to shelf.


E-Papa, as Dr. Emoto was affectionately known, developed a technology that caught the world’s attention in the documentary film ‘What the Bleep Do We know?’. His water crystal photographs illustrate the power and effects that words, thoughts and intentions exert upon us and the environment.

In tribute to the Water Messenger and his special work being continued by his son Hiro Emoto and family, we will be allocating a percentage of NPO donation funds from our Chakra Energy range towards manifesting a project close to his heart: The printing of an educational booklet ‘Messages from Water for Children’. We plan to translate and distribute the booklet widely to promote respect and gratitude for water throughout Africa.  If you are drawn to supporting this worthy cause, please contact us.     


‘A beautiful circle appeared inside of the crystal. I believe this circle is Ubuntu itself. It signifies that everything is in perfect harmony. Only when everything is in harmony and accord, will all the beings attain true happiness.’  


– Dr Masaru Emoto, Researcher.


'healing blends you can trust, naturally'